April 10, 2010

1909-1911: Some Western Baha'i Women in Iran; a Group of Active Chicago Baha'i Women

An informal gathering of some eastern and western Baha'is in Tehran, 1911.
Left to right: Lillian Kappers, Muhibbih Sultan, his wife Muchul Khanum, Dr Susan Moody, Dr. Sarah Clock, and Elizabeth Stewart

Dr Susan Moody and a group of Persian Baha'i Women in Tehran, 1910.
This was apparently one of the first gatherings of Iranian Baha'i women where women appeared unveiled.

A group of active Chicago Baha'i women, 1909
Left to right: Shahnaz Waite, Christine Loeding, Luella Kirchner, Laura Jones, Ida Brush, and Jean Masson