January 31, 2010

1910 - Temple Delegates Viewing Lake Michigan, Some Early American Believers, Some Students and Staff of Tarbiat School in Tehran, Iran

Delegates and Friends viewing the intake from lake Michigan of the famous drainage canal northeast from Temple Site -- 1910

Standing (left to right) -- Mr. Windust, Mr. Remey, Mrs. True, Mr. Lesch Mrs. Brush, Mr. Hall, Mr. Brush, Mr. Chase, Mr. Jacobsen. Seated (left to right) -Mr.Scheffler, Mr. Struven, Mr. Agnew, Mr. Woodworth, Mr. Fuller -- 1910

The English Class of Tarbiat School, Tehran, Iran, 1910

Tarbiat School, Tehran, Iran, 1910 -- The School Committee, the teachers and their pupils of the higher classess

January 30, 2010

1910 - Dr. Moody in Iran, Some Early Believers in America; Temple Convention; Delegates at Temple Site

Dr. Susan Moody with Baha'is in Tehran, Iran 1910

Some believers in America in 1910:
1. Dr. Augur; 2. Mrs. Augur's maid; 3. Mrs. Coombs; 4. Miss Fletcher of NY City; 5. Mr. Remey; 6. Mrs. Sutherland; 7. Mrs. Rowland; 8. Mr. Struven; 9. Mrs. Augur; 10. Agnes Alexander; 11. Miss Johnson; 12. Virginia Rowland

Baha'i convention in Masonic temple, Chicago, 1910 Mr. Hall presiding

Delegates and friends assembled at the geometrical center of the temple grounds and invoking the Greatest Name as their faces are turned towards Acca -- 1910