January 31, 2016

1944: Baha'i Centenary Banquet, Auckland, New Zealand

Baha'i Centenary Celebration, attended by nearly three hundred people, held in the Lewis Eady Hall, Auckland New Zealand, under the auspices of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the city, May 23, 1944.

January 23, 2016

1944: Annual Baha'i Convention of the Baha'is of Iraq

The Baha'is of Baghdad and representatives of other centers of Iraq celebrating the Centenary Commemoration of the Declaration of the Bab, May 22, 1944, held in conjunction with the Annual Convention.

January 10, 2016

1944: British Annual Baha'i Convention, London

Some of the Baha'is who attended the British Annual Baha'i Convention held in London, May, 1944.