February 28, 2010

1903 & 1913 - Baha'i students at Beirut school; Some Baha'is of Chicago

1913 - Some Baha'i Students with their teachers at Beirut school. Shoghi Effendi is indicated by an "x".

1903 - Dr Amin Farid, right, with some Baha'is from Chicago. Dr. Farid translated many of 'Abdu'l-Baha's talks in the West but later disgraced himself.

February 27, 2010

1910 - Remey and Struven with some Baha'is from the East & The True family

1910-Charles Mason Remey, seated second from left and Howard Struven,
second from right, with some eastern believers

1896 -- The True family: Corinne, Moses and the children

February 24, 2010

1909 - Tent erected on the site of the future Baha'i Temple near Chicago

1909 - Tent erected on the site of the Baha'i Temple near Chicago in which was celebrated the Feast of Ridvan. The celebration was held in response to the wish of 'Abdu'l-Baha. Mr. Thornton Chase (shown under the + sign) conducted the service

February 23, 2010

1913 - A martyred Baha’i father in Iran

1913 Iran -- Martyred Mirza Muhammad-'Ali Moshir'ul-Tajjar and his orphaned children

1913 -- US and Canada National Convention

1913-- Delegates and friends attending Fifth Annual Convention of Baha'is in America, Masonic Temple, New York City, April 26-29, 1913

February 21, 2010

First Spiritual Assembly in Tehran, Iran; American Baha'is Visiting Friends in Bombay, India

First Spiritual Assembly of Terhran 1899

Visiting Baha'is in Bombay 1907
Left to right: Mirza Mahmud-i-Zarqani, Hooper Harris, Harlan Ober, Hand of the Cause Ibn-i-Abhar

21 March 1909: First Baha'i Temple Unity Convention in Chicago

February 19, 2010

1898 - 1914: Western Pilgrims & Baha'is in Bombay

The First Western Pilgrims -- Winter of 1898-99. Ibrahim Kheiralla is in the middle of the front row. Lua Getsinger is second from right

Western pilgrims in Akka in early 1901
Standing left to right: Charles Mason Remey, Sigurd Russell, Edward Getsinger and Laura Barney; Seated left to right: Ethel Rosenberg, Madam Jackson (in whose house in Paris Lua Getsinger often stayed), Shoghi Effendi, unknown (possibly Helen Ellis Cole, Lua Getsinger, unknown (possibly Emogene Hoagg)

Baha'is of Bombay, India, 1914

February 17, 2010

1909-1910: Some Baha'is in Washington DC and Mandalay, Burma

A group of Baha'is in Washington, D.C. about 1909
Holding the Greatest Name is Mason Remey. Directly in front of him, seated behind the table is Lua Getsinger with a scarf over her hair. Seated behind the table on the far right is Joseph Hannen. Left of him is his mother-in-law, Amelia Knobloch. The young man seated on the floor in fron of the table is Ahmad Sohrab

1910: Some of the Baha'is of Mandalay, Burma with Charles Mason Remey (left) and Howard Struven (right)

February 16, 2010

1907: Thornton Chase Visits Cairo & 1912: Some Baha'is in London England

Thornton Chase Visited Cairo in April 1907. Chase is seated second from right. To his left is Mirza Abu'l-Fadl

1912 --A group of Baha'is in London
Standing, left to right: Yu'hanna Davud, Beatrice Platt, unknown, Arthur Cuthbert, Lutfu'llah Hakim, Mr. Jenner. Seated at the center is Ethel Rosenberg, and to her left is Lady Bloomfiled

February 14, 2010

1898-1900: Baha'is in New York and Chicago

1898-1899: The Baha'is of greater New York
Howard MacNutt is seated on the front row far left. The  three men seated on the far right are, left to right, Anton Haddad, William Hoar, and Arthur Dodge

Spring 1900: A gathering of Baha'is from Chicago
A visiting Baha'i from Egypt, Abdu'l-Karim-i-Tihrani is standing between the wooden pillars. Thornton Chase and Anton Haddad are standing to the immediate right and left of the Egyptian visitor.

February 13, 2010

1909-1912: Some Baha'is in Baltimore, Kenosha, Beirut, and Chicago

Baha'is in Baltimore in 1909

Kenosha Spiritual Assembly in 1912

Teachers and Iranian Bahai Students at Beirut School in about 1912 Shoghi Effendi is third from the left in the second row

Some Baha'is in Chicago in about 1912

February 9, 2010

January 1898 -- The first Baha'is in Kenosha, Wisconsin

The first eighteen Baha'is in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kheirall completed his first series of lessons on 1 January 1898 and brought into being the third Baha'i group in North America Byron Lane, the first Baha'i in Kenosha, is seated in the center of the second row (The Baha'i Faith in America)

February 8, 2010

1900 - The Board of Counsel of The Baha'i Assembly of New York City

The Board of Counsel of the Baha'i Assembly of New York City 1900
Seated, left to right: Clement Woolson, Howard Mac Nutt, Arthur P. Dodge, Charles E. Sprague Standing, left to right: Anton F. Haddad (honorary), Frank E. Osborne, Hooper Harris, William H. Hoar, Andrew Hutchinson, Edwin A. Putnam

February 4, 2010

1910 - Baha'is in Baku Russia, and Persian-American Educational Society

Baha'is in Baku, Russia
Dr. Susan Moody and Mr. Sydney Sprague are in the center of the third row

Delegates and friends in attendance at the first annual conference of the
Persian-American Educational Society Mirza Ahmad and Ghodsia Khanum in foreground

February 3, 2010

1910 - Baha'is in Oakland California, Bandar Jaz Persia, and Philadelphia PA

Baha'is in Oakland California at the home of Helen S. Goodall

Some Baha'is in Bandar Jaz, Persia

Believers in Philadelphia, PA

February 2, 2010

1910 - First Thirty Tarbiat School Students, A Baha'i Cowboy, Isfahan Baha'i Board of Council

The first thirty children attending Tarbiat school in Tehran, Iran

Mr. Wilcott who taught the Baha'i Faith among the Western plains of America

The Baha'i Board of Council in Isfahan, Iran
The gentleman in the middle of the second row is Haji Siyyid Zeinal Abedin,
a veteran believer for 50 years. In 1901 his house was pillaged by a mob and his belongings taken. Then for a year or more he travelled to different parts of Iran and spread the Glad-Tidings. In 1905 he made a pilgrimage to Akka and visited Abdu'l-Baha returning with added zeal.

February 1, 2010

1910 - Some believers in Haifa

Believers assembled at the Tomb of the Bab, Mount Carmel 1910. The person marked x at the center of the group is the aged Afnan who supervised the building of Mashriqu'l-Adhkar in Ishkabad, Russia. As soon as it was finished he was called to Acca by Abdu'l-Baha to remain the balance of his days.

1910: Believers of Spokane, Washington, USA; Dr. Moody with some Baha'i doctors, Tihran, Iran

Believers of Spokane, Washington holding a unity Feast in a suburb of their city -- 1910

Dr. Moody and some other Persian Baha'i doctors at a newly established hospital in Tehran -- 1910