February 2, 2010

1910 - First Thirty Tarbiat School Students, A Baha'i Cowboy, Isfahan Baha'i Board of Council

The first thirty children attending Tarbiat school in Tehran, Iran

Mr. Wilcott who taught the Baha'i Faith among the Western plains of America

The Baha'i Board of Council in Isfahan, Iran
The gentleman in the middle of the second row is Haji Siyyid Zeinal Abedin,
a veteran believer for 50 years. In 1901 his house was pillaged by a mob and his belongings taken. Then for a year or more he travelled to different parts of Iran and spread the Glad-Tidings. In 1905 he made a pilgrimage to Akka and visited Abdu'l-Baha returning with added zeal.